After 4 months of internship, as Legal & Regulatory Officer, Abdulay Thiam, shares his experience with us:

1) Can you present your background to readers?

I have a rather unusual academic background because I had the chance to study in three different countries.

I started my Bachelor of Private Law in France at the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc for two years.

Then I had the opportunity to do my final year of my Bachelor in UK at Manchester Metropolitan University. Today, I am in the second year of the Master of Law and Economics at HEC Lausanne in Switzerland.

My journey challenges the idea that law is a discipline that offers few international opportunities.

2) What motivated you to take your Master in Law and Economics at HEC-Lausanne?

 What motivated me first is the strong interdisciplinary approach of this master’s degree between Law and Economics.

In an increasingly regulated world, the legal eye becomes indispensable, but the legal expert must also acquire economic parameters in order to have relevant analysis and advice. This master’s degree responds perfectly to this problem.

Then there is the quality of student and community life.

For example, I was able to join the Investment Society * adventure, the only non-profit investment fund on the UNIL-EPFL campus, created on the initiative of Bachelor students in collaboration with Masters students.

“I was able to join the Investment Society adventure”

“I was able to join the Investment Society adventure”

“Ce stage m’a apporté une meilleure maitrise des techniques juridiques notamment au travers des nombreuses missions que j’ai pu réalisé”

3) How was your internship at MOSI Consulting?

I must admit that I was afraid that the health crisis would prevent me from doing my internship.

I salute the professionalism and responsiveness of Mosi consulting, which has taken the necessary measures to ensure the safety of all its employees and the continuity of its activities.

As proof, I was able to start my internship in Luxembourg and do another part by teleworking.

The trust placed in each employee encourages them to be more autonomous and more proactive on a daily basis.

This internship gave me a better mastery of legal techniques, in particular through the many missions that I was able to carry out, ranging from proofreading the various contracts to the procedures for protecting the MOSI brand, including the old legal process relating standards for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism in Luxembourg.

In addition, this professional experience confirmed my appetite for company law and international taxation.

“This internship gave me a better mastery of legal techniques, particularly through the many assignments that I was able to carry out”

4) 4) What are your short and medium term projects?

I have lots of plans in mind, but as my daddy likes to tell me, “a journey of a thousand leagues always begins with a first step”. So my goal is to have a brilliant success this semester knowing that I have been able to choose exciting subjects, which have been in the business news lately, such as “International Tax Policy” or “Taxation of Multinational and Transfer Pricing”.
After my master’s degree, I would like to continue my career in the field of tax advice.

I would like to thank the entire MOSI consulting team for the welcome and for this opportunity.


“A l’issue de mon master, j’aimerais poursuivre ma carrière dans le domaine du conseil fiscal.”

“After my master’s degree, I would like to continue my career in the field of tax advice.”